Our Board and Team members

KELLY YOUNG - Chairman of the Board


Kelly is passionate about helping people obtain access to reliable and effective cannabinoid oil in a professional setting.

Encompassing an entrepreneurial vision and dedicated as a socially responsible leader in her community, Kelly pioneered her career in this industry in 2017 by forming Graceful Mobility. Graceful Mobility brings state of the art extraction equipment onsite to cultivation farms and provides packaging services so that farmers can maximize their profit potential while mitigating the risks that are inherent within the transportation and legal possession limits regulated by Michigan’s MMMP program. This business model was then taken nationwide where Kelly legally operated in other states, resulting in networking and exposure to cannabis and hemp industry lawmakers, business professionals, and experts.

During the development stages of establishing Graceful Mobility, Kelly discovered that her extraction process was creating a non-psychoactive raw form of cannabinoid oil. Shortly after this discovery, Kelly came into contact with a recently diagnosed stage 4 terminal brain and lung cancer patient and offered the cancer patient her oil for free. Within the first week the cancer patient regained his sense of taste and his appetite and experienced rapid improvements of his overall health condition. A Dr. checkup six weeks after taking the tincture oil proved the blood cells counts to be improving and his tumor shrinking.

In addition to founding FreeRelief.Org, Kelly continues to operate her mobile extraction business helping small farmers offer premium craft type concentrates to their client base. Kelly also developed a CBD company, https://www.mytcbd.com which offers a variety of CBD products that are professionally lab tested for proper dosing. MY TCBD guarantees their CBD products do not contain any trace amounts of THC.

Kelly also continues to maintain her small client base of MMMP patients and offers them personalized endocannabinoid delivery programs targeting cancer, Parkinsons disease, addiction, depression/PTSD, acute pain, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, endometriosis, and sleep apnea. Kelly also offers consulting services for establishing laboratory setups, including product development and packaging for both hemp and marijuana facilities.



Chief Executive Officer

Sonya Mahaney is currently the CEO of Free Relief, a non-profit organization created for gifting free cannabis to diagnosed cancer patients and Veterans with PTSD.

Sonya has a fearless approach to problem solving and her critical thinking skills have been honed by both her formal education and her lived experience. She holds an Executive MBA, Davenport University; Bachelor of Science, Business Administration / Leadership Effectiveness and Marketing, Davenport University (High Honors) and Associate of Applied Science, Aviation Pilot Training, Northwestern Michigan College.

Ms. Mahaney is a visionary, energetic leader and strong public speaker in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. Prior to her work with Free Relief, she has held a variety of positions including Vice President, Making Waves USA; Regional Manager Development, Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan, Inc.; CEO, Conscious Budget & Debt Reduction, Inc.; CEO, Disclosure, LLC; North East Regional Project Manager 12 States and Market Development Sales Manager North East Pennsylvania, General Motors Corporation; Executive Director, Traverse City Mother Baby International Film Festival and Board of Directors, Family Wisdom Conference. 

Sonya is also a mother of two, she is continually seeking adventure by traveling the world, and she adores fine food, bodies of salt water, spas, love, laughs, and chocolate. 

VICKEY RIGNEY - Board Member

Cancer Advocate

Before cancer invaded my life and the life of my loved one, we were looking forward to Dave’s 2016 retirement from NOAA and settling down in Central Lake, MI where we purchased our retirement home. After 25 years, I retired in 2013 from the City of East Lansing as a finance assistant to the Director of Finance. During that time, I also received my real estate license, which I enjoyed for 10 years. I was an Ingham County 4-H Community Leader for over 20 years. My interests and passions are wood carving, painting, rock collecting and painting, my llama, and most of all, my family. Time is precious...

Since battling pancreatic cancer with my husband, Dave, and experiencing the value in cannabinoid oil through Dave, I am a great believer and advocate. I believe this is an amazing organization that will help cancer patients from pain relief, quality of life and possibly even providing a life saving opportunity. I am excited and honored to be involved with Free Relief Organization and to serve on the Board. Before this opportunity, I was talking to anyone who would listen about cannabis oil and now I have a place to direct these cancer patients to obtain this amazing gift of life; along with being extended to Veterans with PTSD.

I look forward to giving time to reach out to people who can greatly benefit from cannabis oil and Free Relief Organization; which is now another interest and passion in my life.

Nick Calkins - Board Member

Cannabis Attorney

Karmin Sleder - Board Member

Veterans Affairs

Joe Wilbee - Board Member

Cannabis Consultant

K.W. - Board Member

Human Capitol and Healthcare Relations