Our Board and Team members

KELLY YOUNG - Chairman of the Board


Free Relief provides free cannabinoid oil to patients in Michigan suffering from the effects of cancer, PTSD and addiction. Founder Kelly Young started Free Relief after seeing first hand how effective cannabinoid oil is an effective, natural, holistic treatment for these issues.

The mission of Free Relief is to increase access to this powerful natural medicine by making it free to patients, and partnering with like minded businesses and organizations to reach potential patients directly. Relief from pain, both emotional and physical, sets us free so that we can remember how look forward and live a full life. By working with partners in our community to offer FREE cannabinoid oil to patients diagnosed with these issues, we hope to set as many people free as possible.


Chief Executive Officer

Sonya has a fearless approach to problem solving and her critical thinking skills have been honed by both her formal education and her lived experience. She holds an Executive MBA, Davenport University. Ms. Mahaney is a visionary, energetic leader and strong public speaker in the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

Sonya is also a mother of two, she is continually seeking adventure by traveling the world, and she adores fine food, bodies of salt water, spas, love, laughs, and chocolate. 

Holly White

VP of Marketing and Public Relations

Our Board Members

VICKEY RIGNEY - Board Member

Cancer Advocate

Before cancer invaded my life and the life of my loved one, we were looking forward to Dave’s 2016 retirement from NOAA and settling down in Central Lake, MI where we purchased our retirement home. After 25 years, Vickey retired in 2013 from the City of East Lansing as a finance assistant to the Director of Finance. During that time, I also received my real estate license. Vicki was also an Ingham County 4-H Community Leader for over 20 years. My interests and passions are wood carving, painting, rock collecting and painting, my llama, and most of all, my family. Time is precious...

Vickey is a great believer and advocate since battling pancreatic cancer with her late husband, Dave. Vickey witness first hand the value in cannabinoid oil providing relief to Dave as he battled cancer. Vickey believes Free Relief will help cancer patients from pain relief, quality of life and possibly even providing a life saving opportunity; and is excited and honored to be involved with Free Relief Organization and to serve on the Board. 

Nick Calkins - Board Member

Cannabis Attorney

Karmin Sleder - Board Member

Veterans Affairs

Joe Wilbee - Board Member

Cannabis Consultant

K.W. - Board Member

Human Capitol and Healthcare Relations